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Cat Fashion Police: Sven and Kille's Weekly Review

Kille-head-nameLady Gaga? Is that you? I thought Halloween was next week? I'm costume shopping and this isn't inspiring me as the wicked witch is in OZ not in Yves Saint Laurent...I'll check in on Madge maybe she's wearing something I could copy for my Halloween look. I can't even purrate this look.
Sven-head-name I wish she would wear a dress made of smoked salmon as I'd carry her bag for the odd bite off the hem. But hey if she lost the hat it might make the cut. I purrate this as a 2 out of 10.
Lady Gaga
Kille-head-nameBella Heathcote's heels work as they are hairy and look like something I'd sleep in or on, not to meowza on the dress as it looks like she bought it last min at JC Penny. Disappointing as she is a hottie and should style herself... this is a fashion tragedy.


Sven-head-nameI saw those heels in our office! I think Mom used them on a shoot, but I've not seen a dress like that on a model or actress, what happened Bella? We purr about about you and hope you'll pop by for tea and we can advise a better selection or at least buy you a gift card to shop at Stella McCartney or Balenciaga for your next red carpet appearance.
Bella Heathcote
Kille-head-name So this froggie hotness actress Marion Cotillard is in with Dior like I'm in with chicken Greenies and she is wearing Azzuro? Better than Bella but not only can we see up your skirt from our POV, but not sure this look brings out your Dior froggie hotness. 3 out 10
Sven-head-name Marion looks like she is dying for that skirt to fly up or she got bored with sexy fitted dresses that are purrfect rather than this frumpy non sexy frock. Only advantage is if I were live on the carpet interviewing her I could review her underwear as well as the dress, where as Ryan Seacrest is still a bit too tall to do that. 3 out of 10
Marion Azzuro dress
Kille-head-name Leigh Lezark is always Meowza #1 on my list of best dressed for any event, I'm crazy for those long couture gowns as I'd love to nap under the hem... So I'm dreaming that one day Leigh will wear a long CHANEL gown in which I can lounge under while Sven interviews her. She's the #1 Meowza 10 out of 10
Sven-head-name This lady has untouchable or in my case - unlickable style and beauty. Wish she was shorter, my height so I could attempt to chat her up. I Like that she keeps her make up and hair natural and has the purrfect sense of style... funny she 's not on staff at Conde Nast or V Mag or starring in a vampire film? 10 out 10
Leigh Lezark Chanel


Cat Fashion Police: Sven and Kille's Red Carpet Watch

Kille-head-nameFor the record, Sven and I are often home alone with the TV on. Mom leaves the classical station running until one of us changes the channel. Not too long ago there was some show called the Prime-time EMMYS, and we both remember our mom fitting Steve Carell and some other nominees when we spent more time in LA. As gowns, jewelry and heels pass through our apt/office weekly we are tired of not having a say on what we like. It's always the actress or actor's opinion vs our moms. So here's our chance to have our voice!
Sven-head-nameShe hosts Fashion Police on E! so here's what I'm saying Kelly O: next time get a hot dress that isn't in the same palette as your hair color. Otherwise, a 7 on a scale of 10.
Kille-head-nameI don't mind the mauve, the fabric is a bit too over the top couture, but I like the fit... her skirt would be hard to nap under with all those bloody tight layers... Meow.
Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 4.34.35 PM
Sven-head-nameBlindingly hot... Meowza, I purr for Lucy Liu to be fitted in my mom's apartment!!! But this dress... seriously? Nice fit, but unless I need to stare at her cleavage to check my nose shine, it's a bit too editorial. She can go softer.


Kille-head-name What? I like it she is attracting heat, a reflection of everything including those you mentioned who can check their lipstick via her cleavage mirror. It's a 2 for one look, she must be in great shape as I'm sure it weighs more than us and or more than the statue up for grabs later that night.
Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 4.32.39 PM
Sven-head-nameZosia hit it out of the ball park here: purrfect style and fit! She needs to pop by for cat nip tea and get styled in ContentMode ASAP - she has the same taste as our editors. This Bibhu Mohapatra gown is hot, sexy and virgin like , you know she's still a virgin when I watch her on TV.
Kille-head-name What a hot virgin like that with red carpet style, oh yeah she's that fun neurotic character on HBO's Girls, right? When did you say she was popping by? Purrfect gown! Gets a 10 out of 10 from me! The skirt is flowy and soft enough to crawl under nap and or just chill out as I do have a feline fetish for silk gown hemlines. Nice to lay under and peak me head out to view through a shaded veil of luxury.
Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 4.35.02 PM